Draw Anime: 7 Killer Tips for Easy Drawing [Video]

In this Draw Anime Video,I’ll show you 7 Killer Tips that will make your drawings really fuck up!

All this without having to kill yourself doing meaningless things, I’m talking about something that really works, something real and tested…

There are 7 Secret Tips used by Anime/Manga professionals in Japan!

So, make the most of this content, because you won’t find one like it around…

Finally, follow below the exact explanation of each tip, feel free to Comment.

7 Killer Tips to Draw Anime Character

7 Dicas Matadoras Para Desenhar Qualquer Personagem De Anime - Draw Anime: 7 Killer Tips for Easy Drawing [Video]

As said before, there are 7 tips that will make your designs evolve quickly and easily.

When it comes to draw anime, it’s a very delicate subject, sometimes very complex…

And that’s why I decided to create this content, in an Easy and Quick way, opening the game for you.

Finally, without any curls, let’s go to what really matters, the Secret Tips for draw anime!

1. Use Images

First of all, you should know that it is the obligation of all beginner designers to use images as reference in their drawings!

Why, if you don’t know what drawing is like, how will you draw it?

For example, it is impossible for you to draw Obito without having first looked at images and studied the character!

2. Practice every day

Drawing is like talking in another language, if you don’t practice every day, you don’t learn…

The difference between who can do great drawings and who can’t is simple, while ten people only talk about drawing and don’t draw, one person is practicing, and he will have great results…

So, get out of the comfort zone and practice, I know it’s hard, I was like you too!

What I’m going to say will sound crazy,but,if you commit yourself and practice 30 minutes a day every day,you’ll be able to get out of a simple doodle and ugly drawing,to a completely different level.

Believe me,I only realized this after I spent thousands of hours in courses that taught the same thing…

3. Do Exercises

When it comes to draw anime, this is a very important part that many people don’t care about, but believe me, doing exercises is what will give you a differential in your drawings!

Exercises like making circles on a sheet of paper or even straight lines will make your strokes improve a hundred times.

However, you won’t notice any difference from day to day, draw anime every day will make you notice…

4. Do Not Use Tools To Draw Anime

You may think that by using tools like rulers, cups and rubbers, you will be improving your designs, but this is a myth!

You should always draw without these tools, especially without rubber, so you don’t become dependent on tools to make a fucking drawing and consequently improve your strokes.

So, by practicing every day and not using tools to make it easier, you will be able to make great drawings without much effort!

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Yes, drawing anime has its ups and downs…

5. Find a Tranquil Place to Draw Anime

You may not find it, but drawing in a relaxed environment, with little focus, will hinder your development.

Finally, value this tip and you will notice a huge difference in the completion of your anime/manga drawings or other styles…

6. Draw Anime With A Suitable Posture

Anyway, what would be a correct posture?

Simply an upright posture where you have a wide view of your design and feel comfortable!

In the old days, I used to draw all relaxed, sometimes even lying down, and with time I realized that this was harming my health and my drawings!

7. Diversify Your Designs

Once, I was addicted to Naruto and I was only drawing the characters of this anime.

The result?

When I went to draw anime in another style,the drawing came out awful,because I was used to the traces and styles of only one anime,and this is a big problem!

So to avoid this you just have to diversify your drawings, never focus on just one anime style.

So,the quality of your drawings will increase much more than normal!

Final Considerations: Anime Drawing

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Feel free to Comment!

Big hug!

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